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What Patterns Are You Creating In Your Brain?

Steve Morris form EXIT quote
Patterns of thought are imprinted onto your brain!

If your patterns are negative, you are imprinting over and over and over negative thoughts. Your brain is going to get used to being that way. Surely, you don’t want that. If you repeat positive affirmations, you condition your brain to be that way. Repeat affirmations daily!

Our founder, Steve Morris speaks with eloquence, authority and profoundness. I urge everyone to hear him speak at least once. In case you would like to hear a sample right now, you can check a video out that I have posted on my site



Why Are All These EXIT Agents Trying To Get Me To Come To Their Office?

Operators, Exit Logo, You are not alone with EXIT Realty's Unmatched Support
Unmatched Support From EXIT Realty Central

One of EXIT Realty’s true differentiators is our unparalleled support at all levels: Region, Franchise, Associate and Administration.


Offering abundant tools and resources is important but teaching agents how to use them to get, keep and grow their business is what really matters – EXIT Realty excels at both. EXIT‘s Resource Center offers training modules available on demand and includes a comprehensive tracking system in “My Reports” where associates can view their own production and that of the people they’ve sponsored.


EXIT provides many tools and resources to assist with brokerage administration. Training modules are available in the Resource Center 24/7, and webinar training with a support rep is available on EXIT‘s proprietary production software, MEMO. Once administration training is complete, unlimited ongoing support is available. EXIT‘s Resource Center contains many useful and customizable documents including an Administration e-Manual, helpful and mandatory forms, job descriptions, and much more to assist in the effective and efficient running of a brokerage.

EXIT’S Support

EXIT Realty’s experienced, professional support team is dedicated to helping associates and offices understand the various programs and resources EXIT has available. A support representative can be reached Monday to Friday, 10 hours a day, by phone, email or via live, online chat.

Feel like your brokerage dropped the ball on support? I love that! Come see how our company is geared from the ground up to support our agents! Call Tom (me) at 757-589-1237 and schedule a confidential meeting!

What Would You Do With One Million Dollars?

Boat, shore with houses, lighthouse, What Could You Do With One Million?
What Could You Do With One Million?

Listing and selling properties for our clientele is the mainframe of our business at EXIT Realty with one special feature added; sponsoring! Our salespeople have a unique advantage to earn huge revenues from helping to build the company. Here’s how: If John sponsors Mary into EXIT Realty whereby she is recruited by management as a sales agent and she, for example, generates $100,000 in gross earnings annually, he receives an mount equivalent to 10% of this as a special bonus paid out by EXIT Realty Corp. International as her transactions close. This amounts to $10,000 for that year and would total $100,000 in 10 years. If John sponsors in nine others with the same sales production (again as an example), his bonuses would amount to $1,000,000 in that same time frame, and that’s on top of his own commissions! Could you do anything with this?

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES f you having $1,000,000 in the bank in 10 years based on what you’re presently doing?

Call Tom (me) at 757-757-589-1237 for a discreet appointment! We won’t tell.

Why I Am A REALTOR® With EXIT Realty Central

Exit Realty Central
EXIT Realty Central

We have all sorts of training on all sorts of topics. We have monthly webinars from EXIT Realty International. The head office arranges a professional in each month’s topic to speak to the whole company. They have been doing that since 2009. It is even cooler that we have access to every one using EXIT‘s online business hub! We have in-house training for more colloquial topics, like what our in-house lender can do to help market our listings, contract training and EXIT tools training.  We have international trainers in town to share their best top producing secrets with EXIT agents.

We have free access to EXIT eListings which creates websites, virtual tours, and fliers. It also creates a text lead capture that I have on my listings’ signs which will send the video tour to the recipient and give me their phone number while they are still watching the video in front of the house.

Real Estate Training
Real Estate Training

We have free access to Dotloop which is a digital signing tool and digital file repository. I create all my contracts digitally and print them out with most of it filled out already. It makes quick work of paperwork. We have free access to an amazing CRM called Promoshop. EXIT Promoshop is built off of Sharper Agent. It allows me to follow up with leads over time. Buyers’ timelines are getting longer, if you haven’t noticed. When they first register for my amazing website, they may be 12 months from buying a home. If I am not in front of them for 12 months, I am not able to help them get a home!  Promoshop can take care of most of that for me.

We have “Make It Happen Monday” which gives me some accountability and helps me keep on track for doing money making activities. We have the Power Hour where a hired IT expert teaches us tech, online marketing, how to make marketing print material, fixes our computers, fixes our software, helps us with our cell phones or whatever tech stuff we want to accomplish.

Excellent Exit Culture
Excellent EXIT Culture

We have a great sales meeting where we do affirmations, people share good things that have happened to them, and we learn the latest issues that affect us in our business. And the Friday of the monthly sales meeting, we get together at a local restaurant and just enjoy each other’s company. It is said, you are an average of the top 7 people you hang around.

And my favorite reason why I am at EXIT Realty Central, is how much like a family we feel. I have heard everyone describe their office like that. But I know that if I need help with wording on a contract, the agents will help me instead of wishing me luck. And of course, the agents readily accept my help, when I can help them. The whole EXIT culture is supportive. I don’t see much vicious competitiveness. I see some! But usually, they figure out that they don’t fit the company culture and move on.

I hope this post wasn’t too long to read. It was really easy to write. I hope you can tell the conviction with which I write this. I know that I am in the exact correct place to grow my business and get me on to the next level financially. I haven’t even begun to say what EXIT Realty Virginia does for us, or EXIT Realty International. I feel like I’m part of something very big and new!

And we are taught to ALWAYS ask for the order! For instance, if you are considering researching real estate offices to join in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or Norfolk, please call me and I will meet with you and show you the office! Call me at (757)589-1237. If you have thought, “I wonder if I should be a REALTOR®. I need a job where I make more money when I work harder. I want to start my own business!” you should call me too! For THAT person, you should call (757)589-1237. If you thought “Hey, I have a home to sell and I need someone with experience, trained well and has an excellent support system to help” then THAT person should call (757)589-1237.  Ask for Tom! That’d be me 🙂

Curious About Why Those EXIT Agents Are All Smiling So Much? And Free Food!

Ever wonder why in the World all those EXIT agents keep trying to get you to come to EXIT? And why do they all have this big dumb grin on their face? Can they really be that happy? They keep saying that they have all this great training, and that their split is gret and there are no budget-busting desk fees. They keep saying that they have a retirement plan and death benefits. They say that the company feels like a family and that they have all this technology to help with my marketing and they have leads for me, and that the admin staff is the best around.

Maybe you’re thinking that no place can afford to be that good. There’s got to be a catch. There’s no way that EXIT is any better than where you’re at. Or is it? If all that was true, you’d want to know.

We are having a EXIT Career Seminar this Wednesday and Thursday so you can find out, confidentially, whether we are all full of it, or that we really have the company that reinvented real estate? We will show you how we are the fastest growing real estate company in the history of the universe, why we feel like a second family, how we have an excellent retirement plan, and that we do have tons of leads, a system to help you follow up with them, and how we can afford to give out single level residual income to you!

This is not a high pressure sales seminar. We just want to show you. Because we love it! We love it so much, FOOD is on us! Come get a meal, get some information and possibly get your business headed in the MOST AMAZING DIRECTION!

To Register, please go to one of the two facebook events and click GOING!

EXIT Career Seminar Nov 17th Title Graphic
Click Here: EXIT Career Seminar Nov 17th 2016 7pm
EXIT Career Seminar Nov 16th Title Graphic
Click Here: EXIT Career Seminar Nov 16th Noon