EXIT Realty International Announces GEO Location Signs For Real Estate Listings!

Family in front of home for sale and Exit Smart Sign
New EXIT Smart Sign!

EXIT has been calling itself the smartest real estate company for a few years now. EXIT continually tries to make sure we have the latest effective technology to market your home for sale. I go to the conventions and I pay attention, so I hear all the announcements from the head office.

The leadership of EXIT Realty just announced, we are all getting GEO location enabled Smart Signs™ for our listings! This system will provide ONE number that anyone can text and get information about the property that they are at! This turns the passive sign into an active marketing tool!

Abstract with Light Bulb and the words Exit Is The Smartest Real Estate Company
EXIT Realty, Smart Real Estate

First, that makes the marketing of your listing much easier for all of us EXIT agents. Secondly, we will know that someone is right in front of your home. I will get a text message and an email from the system the second someone is still looking at your home from the street. I can call them back and see if they want to see it while they are still a warm lead! I get to them at the point they have questions about your home for sale! Buyers will be happy to get instant access to more information about the property!

Our systems are proven to get you more buyers. As I have said many times, more buyers allows you to pick the offer for your house that is right for you. you might need the perfect terms and conditions, or you might just need the most $money$ you can get for your home and sell it in less time!

EXIT, as a company, are very well researched. We are very well trained. Every agent should continue to train or fall behind, on tech and on the latest real estate law. And we are given the most amazing tools to get better results for you!

I have 36 years experience with computers and 24 years experience with the Internet and 8 years Real Estate experience. I like to think I provide EVEN MORE value than a regular EXIT agent! Are you looking for more money for your listing? Are you looking to get on to your next home quickly? Please let me interview to be your Realtor! Call me at


Have a great week!



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