Hampton Roads Real Estate Career

Our Philosophy is “THE SALESPEOPLE ARE THE TRUE ASSETS OF THE CORPORATION” and should be rewarded as such.

Up to now every top producer has had a two dimensional system to generate the best return on invested time in real estate, namely taking listings and making sales.

Exit Realty Corp. International has developed a third unique ingredient. This new earnings generator has been specifically engineered to enhance profitability of agents & brokers alike.

The Exit Formula allows for “single level residuals” as a cash flow enhancer. Residuals provide for perpetual payment for work done. Every person in the corporation has the opportunity to receive a “piece of the action” paid out residually for as long as those they sponsor into the company generate business. We want all parties involved to benefit to a maximum, says Steve Morris founder of the company.

Here’s How It Works

Whenever a salesperson is introduced to management and recruited into Exit, each transaction the new recruit closes generates a bonus, payable to the individual who sponsored them into the company, which is equivalent to 10% of the gross commissions earned by the recruit. This continues for as long as the recruit stays in Exit and generates sales.

Under the Exit Formula, a salesperson can literally earn more than 100% of commissions they generate. Residuals add up handsomely for example a recruit generating $70,000 gross in commissions will earn the sponsoring agent $7,000 in a year. If that agent stayed 9 years that would generate $63,000

Exit’s Formula provides another new dimension to the real estate industry… a retirement plan! Residuals continue (at 7% of gross commissions) after a sponsoring agent retires.

Exit’s sponsoring residual system together with a superior commission structure and a commitment to training all adds up to the best opportunity available in the real estate industry today.

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