Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach

Mount Trashmore, Virginia Beach’s Family Oriented Park!

Mount Trashmore is a uniquely named park in North Central Virginia Beach. Families from all over Coastal Virginia come here to relax or exercise! If you’re new to the area, don’t be alarmed. You won’t be wading through trash while you are here. Mount Trashmore is some wonderful example of environmental engineering! The 60 foot high attraction was created using soil and trash, which is obviously the root of the moniker.

Mt Trashmore Stairs
Mt Trashmore Stairs

On this day, I went there to walk around. I accomplished plenty of that! Mount Trashmore Park is on 165 acres! You can burn off a couple of extra calories walking up and down the “Mountain”. Or if flatland is more your style, you can do laps around Lake Trashmore. The Lake Trail, as it is called, is a 1.5 mile trek. The Perimeter Trail goes around most of the park and is 2.2 miles. People often walk, jog, run, bike, skateboard, scoot and hover board around the trails. They are flat, so strollers are an option. Along the trails are outdoor fitness stations! Dogs are welcome!

The main mountain, again is 60 ft high, and 800 ft long. The sides are a huge temptation for kids to roll down! On any nice day, you can see children running up and down

Mt Trashmore Play Parks
Mt Trashmore Play Parks

The park has several playgrounds for kids. The big one, Kids Cove,  is just north of the mountain. There are extra nice bathrooms for you to powder your nose! If you get tired of all that walking, there is plenty of seating for parents to get a good view of the kids. There are covered picnic areas for family meals. The playground has the nice soft ground that makes falling children a lot more safe! It’s better on your feet than Dr Scholls!

Mt Trashmore Skate Park
Mt Trashmore Skate Park

For those of you with slightly older kids, there is a skate park north of Kids Cove, closer to Lake Windsor and Encore Hill. Bikes, scooters, skateboards and inline skaters are encouraged to enjoy this attraction. Participants will be expected to obtain a park pass ahead of time. Information on getting a pass can be found here. Expert riders may be excited to know about the 13.5 foot vert ramp here! Helmets are required to participate.

There are various extra large picnic shelters. There are areas for volleyball or horseshoes. There are vending machines and liberal amounts of restrooms. And seasonally, concession stands are available! For shelter reservations, please call 385-PARK.

All of this is easily accessible from nearby neighborhoods! I am a Realtor, so you know I need to mention it. Should you desire to live near this incredible investment in the Virginia Beach population’s happiness, you should check out the homes for sale in these neighborhoods.  Thalia Village, Windsor Woods, Thalia Trace, Windsor Oaks, Windsor Oaks West, Holland Meadows, and Larkspur. High Schools that serve these neighborhoods are Princess Anne High School, Kempsville High School and Green Run High School.

I always have a great time at Mount Trashmore. It is one of the most picturesque Virginia Beach areas to walk around outside and get some sun. if you would like to start looking at homes in this area, I am your Virginia Beach specialist. I grew up in Virginia Beach and I can help you find just the right property for you and your family. I also market the heck out of Virginia Beach, so I can get your home sold quicker and for more money. Give me a call and lets get started towards your goals!

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